Dr. Richard Jelusich

Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.

Dr. Jelusich, a gifted psychic from birth, has been of service since 1991 as a renowned spiritual healer and technology researcher, counselor, spiritualist minister, author, and international lecturer who blends Western science and Eastern philosophy.

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Dr. Jelusich has been teaching, giving lectures, workshops and private sessions for over 20 years.  He served as Dean of Administration and Core Faculty at the California Institute for Human Science, is on the Board of Directors and remains as core faculty.  His Ph.D. is in Human Science, and his research work is in light and sound, and the blending of metaphysics and science.  Richard is a gifted intuitive and adept energy worker, accurately reading how the soul-quality infuses itself into our waking personality.

Dr. Jelusich’s goals are very simple:

  • To demystify metaphysics and spirituality
  • To profoundly heal and help self-empower individuals on multiple levels


Healer’s Training for the Whole Human Being
Richard has over 435 current and graduate Healer’s Training students in cities in the U.S. and Canada.  He travels extensively, teaching an 18-Level, 2-year course in spiritual healing and philosophy of the Whole Human Being.

California Institute for Human Science (CIHS)
Dr. Jelusich is Core Faculty at CIHS.  He teaches several courses, online and on-campus, including:


I CAN RELATE - The latest book by Dr. Jelusich, is about how we intuitively relate to each other.  Included are 27 case histories, a self-assessment checklist for your dominant chakra, and the keys to a great relationship.  Dr. Jelusich is currently giving interactive lectures.

Psychology of The Chakras  The Eye of the Lotus -

Now in its second printing, is about how dominant chakras affect the way we perceive and react to our life’s experiences.  Now published in India as well as the U.S.  The chakras are our access to our higherselves, and each affects our nature and disposition uniquely through our mental, spiritual, physical and emotional states. 

Eye of the Lotus contains discussion and philosophy of the chakras, many examples and detailed information on each dominant chakra.  The appendix includes exercises, hatha yoga techniques, meditations and prayers, essential oils, healing sounds, and much more.

Trips to the Yucatan and Maya Lectures
Dr. Jelusich is taking groups every year to the Yucatan and Guatemala to study the Cosmology of the Maya and their understanding of our spiritual nature.  Dr. Jelusich gives many lectures/slide shows on the subject.

Crystal Bowls of Tibet – Meditation CD
A powerful meditation tool, Dr. Jelusich and Dr. Jacob Hans created this CD of the sounds of crystal bowls using a special 3-D recording technique.

Healing Power of Sound and Light Shows
Dr. Jelusich presents fascinating programs of science and metaphysics, the blending of Western technology and Eastern philosophy.  The multimedia presentation shows how light, sound and form are an integrated reality, using slides, video, sound and lasers.

Flower Readings & Past Life, Karma and Reincarnation Workshops
A very popular format, Richard has given workshops in the U.S., Europe, Canada and Mexico for over 18 years.  The Past Life workshops are also very popular.  You can host your own workshop: ask for a host’s guide.

Spiritual Counseling Sessions
Richard holds private sessions to determine your soul’s purpose, strengths and weaknesses.  With the focus on self-empowerment, the recorded (CD) sessions offer you a grounded, how-to on your perceptions and reactions to life’s issues.  Sessions are in person and by phone.  Richard has been an ordained reverend for 15 years and serves on the Board of Trustees for the Universal Church of the Master.







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