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Eye of Lotus
I Can Relate:

How we intuitively choose thepeople
in our lives.



Eye of Lotus
Eye of the Lotus:

Psychology of the Chakras









Eye of Lotus
I Can Relate (Spanish):

Puedo Relacionar
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Dr. J's Writings:

NASA Confirms Einstein's Theories:
4TH Dimentional Energy Vortex Surrounds Earth


It is absolutely amazing to me that in the mainstream, to see this monumental confirmation of two aspects of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.

Why?  Because the Earth is NOT generating the 4th Dimensional Energy Vortex.  The Vortex is really a kind of CHAKRA that is holding the bounded domain so that Earth can exist in space-time! 

The Higher Dimensional YOU (not limited to space or time) is radiating yourself into this dimension of space/time.  This is precisely what I have been teaching my Healer's Training students for many years: Your Aura radiates you into this dimension of time and space: you do not radiate your aura.
The aura that most people are familiar with is electromagetic in nature, generated by your physical body. [ Read More... ]


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Activating your Sacred Feminine

Trip to the Uxmal Mexico

A Maya Wisdom Workshop
in the Yucatan

November 17 – 21, 2014

Join us in Mexico -

This amazing workshop is Hosted by Dr. Jelusich, Miguel Angel, and Trudy Woodcock. There will be teachings, ceremony, meditations, discussions and practices with the three presenters, as well as a day at the Mayan Sacred Feminine site of Uxmal. There will also be time for shopping, relaxing by the pool, and enjoying the best of Mérida, Yucatan.

We are discovering that the activation of the Sacred Feminine power within each of us is the key. Allowing this power to freely act out its role in the world alongside the Sacred Masculine brings us peace, love, light, and also unimaginable abundance.


Learn to Activate Your Sacred Feminine Power

[Full Itinerary and Journey Information ]


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November 26, 2014

Guests Trudy Woodcock, Miguel Angel Vergara 

Round table discussions from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Activating Your Sacred Feminine Power



More Recent Past Interviews:


October 22th Doti Boon

The California Psychic



September 10th Mandi Lynn

Owner of Liberty Tat2 Antioch





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