Miguel Angel

The Alignment Within, Movie

What is the true message behind their sacred calendar? This film invites you to think if you are in touch with the global and personal alignments that are happening now? Do you know how to align yourself with these changes?

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The Alignment Within - Movie

with Dr. Jelusich

Dr Jelusich - The Alignment Within

"Upon completing a huge cycle of evolution we are gathering together for a monumental shift in consciousness; now is that major turning point in time. Being that we are connected in oneness, we all affect and are being affected by the energies of the universe. We find ourselves in a world we have created unconsciously - an unbalanced world.


Now is the time to become empowered in directing our destiny; acknowledging that we are actively participating in creating this world in which we live. As co-creators our thoughts, feelings, and actions are deciding what our future will be. Consciousness is to be present at the quality of the moment. Grasp the enormity of this inner transformation; then welcome it, in a deeply meaningful way. In purification the seeker becomes what he seeks, and the flower unfolds its petals to reveal your promise, the fruition of that which you have come to be."

~ Dr. Richard Jelusich




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